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2005年南京农业大学211英语(单考)考研真题(攻读硕士学位研究生入学考试试题)共分为5部分,Structure and Vacabulary,Cloze test,Reading comprehension,English-Chinese Translation,Writing. 先提供部分试题原文如下,

试题编号: 211     试题名称: 英语(单)

注意: 答题一律答在答题纸上,答在草稿纸或试卷上一律无效


Part I  Structure and Vocabulary  ( 20 points )

Section A  ( 10 points )

Directions: Beneath each of the following sentences, there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the one that best completes the sentence. Mark your answer on the ANSWER SHEET by writing the corresponding letter.


1.      It is one thing to enjoy listening to good music, but it is quite ______ to perform skillfully yourself.

a. any other        b. other            c. another         d. others

2.      I suggest _______ to Xi’an for a holiday, but my daughter favours ______ Hangzhou instead.

a. to go/to visit     b. going/visiting     c. to go/visiting     d. going/to visit

3.      _________ a fine day, we decided to go out on a picnic.

a. What           b. Having been      c. Being          d. It being

4.      No sooner had I reached the airport ______ he started for his destination.

a. and            b. when            c. then            d. than

5.      If I criticize you, it is _______ I want you to do better in future.

a. for            b. that              c. so              d. what

6.      ______ the old lady to the hospital immediately but she also attended her at the bed during the night.

a. The young woman not only sent      b. The young woman sent not only

c. Not only the young woman sent      d. Not only did the young woman send

7.      ______ people depend to such a great extent on forests, every effort must be made to preserve trees and wild life.

a. How         b. That         c. Since        d. Which

8.      Had the committee members considered the alternatives more carefully, they ______ that the second was better than the first.

a. had realized                  b. would have realized

c. shall have realized             d. would realize

9.      I have no doubt ______ you will overcome all the difficulties.

a. if      b. that      c. when      d. whether

10.  The windows are ______ small as not to admit much light at all.

a. so     b. too       c. as        d. very

11.  _______ , John would not have failed.

a. If he has listened to me           b. Had he listened to me

c. If he listened to me              d. As soon as he listened to me

12.  Johnson offered a reward to ______ would find the lost ring for his wife.

a. who          b. whom         c. whoever         d. whomever

13.  You must have seen him yesterday, ________?

a. didn’t you      b. don’t you      c. mustn’t you      d. haven’t you

14.  He didn’t go into detail on the subject; he spoke _________.

a. in common     b. in general     c. in short     d. in particular

15.  Taiwan is a large island lying ______ Fujian.

a. on the south of              b. at the south of

c. to the south of              d. in the south of

16.  His parents approved of ______ in the university for another year in order to work toward his Ph.D.

a. that he stay     b. him to stay    c. his staying    d. that he would stay

17.  It is imperative that each student ______ a good command of a foreign language.

a. have          b. has          c. will have      d. must have

18.  Metals are very strong and can be made into any required shapes, ______ makes it possible for them to be widely used.

a. that      b. which      c. what      d. it

19.  He is quite tall for a boy of fifteen. In fact, he is __________.

a. taller than all his class            b. the tallest of his friends

c. taller than most boys of his age     d. the tallest of the rest of his class

20.  The size of the audience, _____ we had expected, was well over one thousand.

a. whom      b. who       c. that       d. as


Section B  ( 10 points )

Directions: Beneath each of the following sentences, there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the one that best completes the sentence. Mark your answer on the ANSWER SHEET by writing the corresponding letter.


21.  His greatness ______ his perseverance in the pursuit of his project.

a. consisted of      b. lay in        c. resulted in     d. made up of

22.  The idea of learning to skate _______ me.

a. objects to        b. appeals to      c. draws on      d. subjects to

23.  He just couldn’t ______ what in the world she had been talking about all the time.

a. figure out       b. catch on       c. set out        d. work on

24.  The world’s governments have done ______ nothing to combat the threat of nuclear accidents.

a. incidentally      b. vitally        c. virtually       d. identically

25.  Anne’s husband had just recently bought ______ overcoat for himself.

a. a grey new woolen            b. a new woolen grey

c. a new grey woolen            d. a woolen grey new

26.  Advanced computer technology has ______ an answer to accurate weather forecasting.

a. set up       b. come up with       c. filled in      d. faced up to

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